Weclome to Viking Lawn Care and Landscaping LLC

Viking Lawn Care and Landscaping LLC provides quality Lawn Care maintenance and Landscaping services for apartment complexes,HOAs,Commercial Property's 

and Residential homes.


We provide turn key landscaping services such as installing Sod,Trees, Plants, Flowers.


We also do new installs for building contractors and new home owners such as grading the lot to building the flower beds and planting trees,bushes,flowers,installing sod ect.   


Viking Lawn Care offers specialty drainage systems depends on the needs of your property no two propertys are alike.


Our goal is to divert water away from your house,structures, and landscaping by the use of specialty drains.


We also dig and cut new ditches that shed excess water away from your investments that can cost damage such as rot and mold. 



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Call  919-394-5095 Cell Viking Phillips

Call 919-394-5787 Office ask for Kim Phillips



New Tractor with Front Loader and Grapple Loader. We have lots of attactments for many kinds of different jobs.

You call we Haul:

Driveway Rock

River Rock


Fill Dirt

Topsoil Dirt


We install French Drain Systems

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Do you have gutter water flooding your yard. We can install a French Drain System to Divert water away from the house.

Ater installing the Drainage system we can seed over the area to hold the dirt into place and make it green again.

Viking with Viking Lawn Care and Landscaping LLC will be doing the landscaping

in honor of our veterans for the Liberty Fountain in Holly Ridge NC.

Thank you Viking for stopping by our booth..... 2016


Kay Burros

This Brick is placed at the Liberty Fountain in Holly Ridge NC on July 4th 2016.

We are looking to add on large apartment complexes and HOA propertys to our schedule. Give me a call for a free estimate to provide turn key maintenance for your property.


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Viking 919-394-5095

John Deere 350 Dozer.

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Excavator work.

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Grass Seeding.


Got to have the right equipment to get the grass seed into the ground 1/4 to 1/2 inch so it will germinate and live.

Delivered and spread 13 loads of 

fill dirt into this back yard.

After spreading 13 loads of fill dirt,grading,leveling and seeding.

We also do Bush Hogging tall weeds

no probelm. Call for free estimate


John Deere Skid Steer and Farmtrac Tractor with attachments to all kinds of projects. Call or Text for free estimates.

John Deere Skid Steer with Grapple we do debris cleanup.


Call 919-394-5095

Farm Trac Diesel Tractor with Box Blade and Root Rakes.

2015 Dump Trailer.

F-250 Ford Powerstroke Diesel 7.3

John Deere Z925A 60 inch cut Zero Turn.

Post Hole Digger has 12 inch

Auger Bit, will punch a 12 inch hole

in about 1 min. Need trees planted

or fencing put up call today for free estimate.


"Throw down that shovel"  Shovel causes back pain.

Grading and moving dirt around Pool area Topsail Island NC. 

Small Compact Diesel Tractor.
16 Foot Landscaping Trailer.

Order Sod for your home or business.


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Another Job Done by Viking Lawn Care and Landscaping LLC.

We Build the Brums on back of the lot, layed Landscaping material down and spread brown mulch over the brums.

We also Layed the Pavers for a small pool. This is back yard.

The Sod Grass is Meyer Zoyisa.

Completed on 7-14-2016

Left Side of Property Meyer Zoyisa Sod.

Picture before laying sod grass. Layed this yard on Apirl 11th 2016.

After Picture :

Zoysia Meyer Sod Layed in this yard on Apirl 11th 2016.

This picture was taken of the yard on May 19th 2016 about 5 weeks after it was layed.

Meyer Zoysia Sod Layed on 4-5-2016 Surf City NC

Really Nice Grass soft to walk on.

Back Yard done on 4-5-2016 Meyer Zoysia Sod Surf City NC

Nice grass.

Sable Major Palms with Full Tops Delivered To Topsail Island NC Straight Out Of Flordia.

3/4 inch Washed River Rock Spread Over Back Yard Topsail Island NC.

3/4 inch River Rock Deliver and Spread In Your Flower Beds. This is clean rock really nice.

We Can Deliver and Spread This Rock It Is 3/4 River Rock We Recommend

To Allow Us To Put Down Landscaping Material For Weed Control. 


Call For A Free Estimate Today. 

Rock Does Not Decompose Dont Have To Worry About Refreshing The Flower Beds Like With Mulch.

Crown Zoysia Layed on 6-18-2015 by

Viking Lawn Care and Landscaping LLC.

57 Driveway Granite Stone.

Total 15 Pallets of Centipede Sod.

Laying Centipede Sod.

Completed 15 Pallets Centipede Sod.

Landscaping with Gray Edging Stones and Red Brick Chips in flower beds they will not decompose or fade.

Landscaping with Red Brick Chips they will not decompose or fade.

Landscaping with Red Brick Chips they will not decompose or fade.

5 to 6 foot 30 gallon size Pindo Palm.

Landscaping with Red Brick Chips they will not decompose or fade.

Landscaping with Red Brick Chips they will not decompose or fade.

Before Picture

Remove over grow bushes and shrubs, dig up and remove stumps.

S Topsail Island NC. 

After Picture

All Debris removed. Brought in topsail dirt to level ground,Plant Pindo Palm Tree and spread 3 types of grass seeds. Gives homeowner green grass all year around.

Zoysia Sod Emerald Green.

Zoysia Sod Emerald Green.

Zoysia Sod Emerald Green.

Another Job done by Viking Lawn Care & Landscaping LLC

Centipede Sod grass

During Laying Centipede Sod and Planting Bushes around Property.

Centipede Sod grass

Right Side of Property. Oleanders down property line, Newly layed sod,Liriope down both sides of driveway lined with solar lights both sides, 4 sable palms, 2 america agave in front yard.

Centipede Sod grass

Left side of property.

Centipede Sod grass

Back of property.

Centipede Sod grass

White River Rock installed in flower beds.
White River Rock installed in flower beds.
White River Rock installed in flower beds.